Boris Bolliet

Jodrell Bank Center For Astrophysics (JBCA), The University of Manchester
Researching on:
CMB Spectral Distortions, Clusters of Galaxies, Dark Energy, Inflation and Black Holes


I am a postdoc in Jens Chluba's group in Manchester, UK.

I completed my PhD in 2017, under the supervision of Aurelien Barrau at LPSC Grenoble, France.

Please, find my details in Contact and CV in About.

Some information relative to, e.g, CLASS, MontePython, GitHub, can be found in Research.


For the thermal Sunyaev Zeldovich code CLASS-SZ, click here.

For the f(R) code CLASS-EOS-FR, click here.

For the non-Gaussianity code CLASS-LQC, click here.