Boris Bolliet
PhD Student, "The expanding universe: primordial and contemporary acceleration."

Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie (LPSC Grenoble, France)
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon, France)

This section is dedicated to the summaries of my readings (Physics articles, textbooks, etc.) and findings on the web, relevant for my research.

Online courses and websites

Wayne Hu, Online Tutorials on Cosmology

A wide variety of tutorials to understand the key concepts and observations in modern cosmology:

Daniel D. Baumann, Lecture notes in Cosmology

Pr. Baumann's homepage contains his lecture notes on inflation and string cosmology. The notes are very well written with modern notations and enlightening explanations.

Gregory J. Galloway, Notes on Lorentzian Causality

In september 2015, I had the chance to attend a series of lectures by Pr. Galloway given during the introdoctury school on Mathematical General Relativity at Institut Henri Poincaré. These are the Lecture note of the 2014 ESI school in Vienna, they feature a clear and modern presentation of Lorentzian Causality.

Massimo Ricotti, A gradute course in Computational Astrophysics

Massimo Ricotti holds a great website full of ressources for numerical computing, including all Numerical Recipes macros in C.

Bourbaphy Seminars

The Bourbaphy seminars are a series of seminars given anually at Institut Henry Poincaré in Paris. Each seminar lasts for a whole day and covers a topic of modern fundamental research. The last one was held in November about the Universe.


AstroBetter is a blog that provides tips and tricks for professional astronomers. It was launched in 2009 and is still updated regularly. The blog is sustained by a dozen of people from various prestigeous univerisities in the USA. It contains a broad range of useful information, from how to use computing softwares, to how to give a brilliant scientific talk.

Hans Ringström, The initial value problem in General Relativity

On this webpage by Pr. Hans Ringström you will find several documents about the Cauchy problem in General Relativity, from an introduction to semi-Riemannian geometry to the proof of the existence of a maximal globally hyperbolic development in standard General Relativity.

Eiichiro Komatsu, A routines repository for cosmology

The webpage of Pr. Komatsu constitutes one of the richest online repository of codes for cosmology.

Cargèse School 2002, Fifty years of the Cauchy problem in General Relativity

This webpage features the electronic proceedings of the summer school on mathematical general relativity and global properties of solutions of Einstein's equations.


Carlo Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

The most efficient and beautiful presentation of modern physics I have ever read:

Robert M. Wald, General Relativity

This book was first published in 1984, after mathematical general relativity had reached its maturity thanks to the work of Hawking, Penrose, Thorne, Unrhu, Geroch amongst others. It is divided into two parts, Fundamentals and Advanced topics. A through discussion of the causal structure of space-time is presented.

Physics articles

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